GT Orchestras

DSC00408Howard County has two exceptional orchestra groups called The Howard County Elementary GT Orchestra and Howard County Elementary GT Sinfonia. These orchestra ensembles include elementary string students who are excelling in their own school programs and are considered to be the best orchestra students in Howard County! Students are selected by audition in early September and rehearse after-school on a weekly basis throughout the year at Oakland Mills High School and Wilde Lake High School.




Please click here to be directed to the Howard County GT Orchestra website for detailed information.


My child is interested in auditioning

Great, I’m happy to hear that your child is interested in auditioning for one of these elite orchestras.  You will need to:

1.  Email Ms. Sutton ( and let her know that your child is interested in auditioning by Wednesday, September 11, 2019.

2.  Ms. Sutton will in turn submit your child’s name to the orchestra coordinators/judges.

3.  The audition dates/time frames will be posted on the ESGTO website.

4.  Print and complete the registration form--click here.  Your child will need to give it to the judges at the audition.

5.  Be sure to review the audition requirements/music and practice 24/7!  Click here to view the requirements/music.

6.  After all the auditions are complete, a list of students who are accepted into these orchestras will be posted on the ESGTO website.

7.  Good luck!