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Deadline for registration is September 21, 2018


In addition to regular group lessons, students may also audition for placement in one of our school’s two dectets (10 instruments each dectet).  Students must have at least one year of experience on their instrument to audition for the dectet.  These groups rehearse once a week for 30 minutes (during school hours) and perform at the Winter Concert, the Enrichment Fair, International Night, The 5th grade Simulated Congressional Hearings, a local retirement center, and at the Spring Concert.

Auditions will be held during the first full week of October.  An audition schedule will be sent home via email on Wednesday, September 26, 2018.

Audition Requirements listed below–please be ready for all FOUR items! 

(The audition music will be placed on your child’s desk on 8.31.18–before the open house at DOES)

1. Scales

  • Violin – One octave C Major & D Major AND two octave G Major.
  • Viola/Cello – One octave G Major & D Major AND two octave C Major.
  • Bass – One octave G, C and D Major.

Scales must be performed in quarter notes at QUARTER NOTE = 96.

2. Prepared Piece:

All instruments must play a solo piece which is demonstrative of their ability–something they have been working on with a private teacher or have practiced over the summer.

3. Audition Excerpt:

(This music was placed on your child’s desk on August 31, 2018, but if somehow it was “lost” –you’re in luck!  Click on the links below to download your own personal copy of the audition music)

18-19 Dectet Audition Music, violin

18-19 Dectet Audition Music, viola

18-19 Dectet Audition Music, cello

18-19 Dectet Audition Music, bass

4. Sight reading

Your child will be given music at the audition to perform without prior practice.   A great website to practice sight reading is: