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Students in the Howard County Public School system may join the orchestra program in third, fourth, or fifth grade. Instrumental music instruction is offered from third through twelfth grade. At DOES, orchestra students can choose to learn the violin, viola, cello, or string bass.



Beginning orchestra students have two homogeneous group lessons each week. All beginners rehearse together just prior to concerts. Advanced strings students (2nd and 3rd year students) have two heterogeneous group lessons each week and also rehearse together just prior to concerts. The DOES orchestra program uses a two-week rotating schedule.

The orchestra has two main concerts each year. This year the Winter concert will be held in late December 2018 and the Spring concert in early June, 2019.  The students not only perform these concerts for their classmates during the school day, but also for their relatives in an evening concert. All concerts take place in the Dayton Oaks Elementary School Cafetorium.  Specific dates and times will be published once they are confirmed.



Participation in the orchestra program enriches the students in many ways. Being a member of this group helps the students learn what it takes to be part of a team, how to better organize their time to allow for sufficient practice, and the dedication it takes to succeed.