Click on the links below to listen to (and practice with) our concert music recordings:





2018 Winter Concert Practice Recordings:

Beginning Orchestra Recordings

1.  Upon The Presentation of Royalty

2.  The Salamander Samba

3.  Sleigh Ride

4.  Alla Marcia

5.  Rock Ballad

6.  Winter Evening Scenes

7.  The Polar Bears

8.  The Holiday Moose


Advanced Orchestra Recordings–coming soon!

1.  Feed The Birds

2.  Star Wars Main Theme

3.  We Are The World

4.  Stand By Me

5.  Believe, from The Polar Express (5th grade only)

6.  Carol Of The Bells


Dectet Recordings

1.  Getting To Know You

2.  Singin’ In The Rain

3. Dragonhunter