Private Lessons & HCPSM

Is your child in need of a private instrumental music teacher?

If so, please click here to be directed to an online list of private teachers.

Please Note: The Music Office of The Howard County Public School System compiled the accompanist list.  The names were provided at the request of those who are listed, some of which are school system employees.  It should be understood that this list does not represent a recommendation or endorsement by the school system.


What in the world is HCPSM?

The advocacy group, Howard County Parents for School Music (HCPSM), strives to promote high quality music education programs in Howard County schools.  HCPSM works with music educators, students, and the community to accomplish their goals. 

Quality music education is vital to students.  Studies have proven that it helps to improve student’s academics, health, and social well-being.  Students in the Howard County Public School System (HCPSS) have numerous opportunities to participate in music education during their entire school career. 

HCPSM utilizes parent volunteers in each Howard County Public School to serve as leaders and music advocates in their schools.  During the school year, HCPSM conducts monthly meetings with school representatives, music educators, and the community.  Dayton Oaks is in need of two parent volunteers.  Would you like to volunteer?  Email us at: